Creative Arts Charter School

Partimus maintains a 30+ system computer lab at the Creative Arts Charter School running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS as well as several individual installs for teachers throughout the school.

Technical documentation about this lab and others that Partimus runs can be found on our public School Lab In A Box document.


"The Partimus crew have been so supportive of all my crazy, creative and last minute ideas. I like to push the envelope with integrating technology into my classroom and having the students participate by learning and using new programs. Christian, Grant, James, and the others are so responsive to my needs/wants and have empowered me to take my ideas to the next level of possibilities. I appreciate them all and have expanded my knowledge along with the students and enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Much gratitude!" - Maria Jenerik, upper middle school social studies and language arts teacher at the Creative Arts Charter School

"Partimus has been extremely helpful to the Creative Arts Charter School. They provided not only the computers, but also the expertise needed to train and support people in using them. They continue to remain on call to ensure that our students always have access to the technology they need to be successful learners." - Amy Clark, Teacher at the Creative Arts Charter School

"I am constantly impressed by the generosity and competence involved in Partimus's provision of computers and technical support to our school. My personal productivity has been optimized by the fast response to any question or issue I have with the computer in my classroom or the computer lab in general. Thanks for everything you do!" - David Morrison, the fourth grade teacher at the Creative Arts Charter School

Computer Lab

Stand-alone install in classroom

Photos by Elizabeth Krumbach, licensed under CC BY

Computer Lab