Laptops for Linux Users program

Starting in January 2011 we launched a laptop donation program where we get good, solid laptops out to the people who need them. The goal of the program is to assist people who have tremendous potential to do good in free and open software education, but who may not have the funds to meet their computing needs.

Our first donation, a BigLap from ZaReason went to a woman named Sky in Washington State. She worked as a system administrator during her career. Since she is now in her 70s, this means she has worked with all the classics. While classics are wonderful, they don't get the job done if they are too old. Her current computer is more than eight years old and has a failing hard drive. On a limited retirement income, she wrote to Partimus asking for help.

Why did Partimus choose to support Sky's computing efforts?

Because Sky is the kind of lady who helps others. She has helped several of her friends, especially those older than her who have less technical savvy, get set up with computers running Ubuntu. All of us, especially seniors, want computers that work well. Sky has a unique ability to assist and support as a friend. None of us want to waste time on the viruses and crashes that happen too frequently on non-Linux computers. Life is too short.

What did Sky get?

We sent Sky a BigLap:

Before choosing the right system for Sky we learned that she wanted a laptop, but one that she could move only once or twice a year. It needed to be portable, but weight was not an issue. We found a great laptop, but it is definitely too heavy and the hinges wouldn't put up with heavy use. It's the perfect fit for Sky. It has the big screen, great specs, and will give her many years of use. That said, when we do donations, we are currently not supporting them with any type of warranty. For this reason, Sky was a particularly good fit. She is smart enough to fix any problems she may encounter. As long as the hardware holds up for her, she's good.

In March of 2013, Sky emailed us with an update, read it here: Laptops for Linux Users program: Update from Sky

How you can help

These donations have many ramifications:

  1. They save laptops from sitting on inventory room shelves, going unused and unappreciated.
  2. The donated laptop serves many purposes, not just for the person who receives it, but also their friends and the people they work with.
  3. It helps all of us connect. If you donate, you are part of the process too.

Want to get a computer to someone who can put it to good use? Someone who would "go without" if it wasn't for this program? Please support our efforts by donating $15 for shipping to get a great laptop to wherever the recipient may be. (We are currently only shipping in the US.)

And if you have a full system that you want to donate through Partimus, we are open to that too. Please contact us to discuss a donation and minimum system specifications.

When you send in a donation, we will send you through email and/or postal mail a confirmation receipt for tax purposes.

Ship to:

Partimus, c/o Christian Einfeldt

580 California Street, Suite 1600

San Francisco, CA 94104

Or visit our Donate page for other ways to give.

Please specify that you wish to donate to donate to this program. Thank you for contributing to the Laptop for Linux Users program.

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